Emily Strange - 19 years old - New York city.
I'm living with Tara Harris, she's actually my best friend and roommate. I lived for nine years of my life in an Institute a few km from NYC. When suddendly everythings was wrapped in flames. All my friends and teachers died in this accident. This was the only memory that I've from my past...other things was cancelled. The reasons are a mystery also for me. I've recovered part of them with Tara. Staying with her have improved my mind and returned to me a part of my past feelings and essence. Actually I'm shy and a bit unfriendly...sometimes smiling is not my best quality. Also I'm an Apprendist technologist...I want to be useful for my friends. Try to know me, I won't bite you...It would make me happier.
(Marvel Oc.)
Technological prodigy

tara-the-azure-flame and theartfuldeceiver are some of my favorite blogs! I really love shipping them, maybe because when they’re together its so akward. I love both of you and I hope you read this - Freyja

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